You live longer by reading

Gepubliceerd op 5 januari 2021 om 15:00

Recently I was talking about books with a few friends. One said she reads 8 books in a month. I don't even read that many. Usually 1 book per month, but it seems that reading will make you live longer.

Yale University School of Public Health 

Researchers at the Yale University School of Public have proven that if you read at least 3.5 hours a week, you can live about 23 months longer. That is quite a lot, to see if that is also true, the researchers asked 3,653 Americans over the age of 50 how much they read. And those who read at least 3.5 hours did indeed live longer. People who read on average only half an hour a day have 17 percent less chance of dying. So read a good book, that's healthy for you :)

Reading is healthy

Certainly after knowing this I will try to read more, now the question is will I live longer if I do this. I think I can only conclude that when I am older (hahaha.) But I would really recommend reading if you have never done that or you don't do that often. Try to read for at least half an hour a day, on the couch or before going to sleep. Reading is healthy and it also makes you smarter.

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