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Give old shoes a new life. Making them even more beautiful and having a unique style. I also did that with 1 pair of peeptoe heels. I transformed these heels into chess heels, inspired by the famous Netflix series: The Queen's Gambit.

The Heels

After seeing The Queen's Gambit I really wanted to make art out of it, but I wasn't sure what. I had 1 pair of peeptoes left that actually looked boring. The back of the heel was in a black color. I painted it white, because of the black and the white chess pieces. But the white side was missing something, I chose to paint the queen chess piece on it. Because Beth Harmon also plays the opening: Queen's Gambit in the series.

The bottom was finished, I happened to have a very small chess set at home. I also have a normal chessboard that I much rather play with than with such a small set. So I glued 3 chess pieces on the nose of each heel. And then the heels were done. A small change can make a heel look much nicer than before.

The Inspiration

The heels are inspired by the series: The Queen's Gambit. The series is about a girl named Beth Harmon, who is very good at chess. The series was popular very quickly and has been in the top 10 of Netflix for a long time.


I think The Queen's Gambit is an interesting series about the art of chess. Starring a talented actress. Anya Taylor-Joy amazes me every time, she is so well absorbed in a role. Chess is usually practiced as a hobby by men. It is therefore nice that they have done a female lead in the series. I also started to learn it and it is actually very easy. If you already know the basic rules, you will get very far in the game.


Making the heels was a lot of fun. I now have real Queen's Gambit heels. Actually, more such special shoes should be made. Then you literally have art on your feet :)

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