Try to always be connected to your painting - Angela Moulton

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Angela Moulton is a fulltime artist for already 15 years. You may know her from the famous bird paintings she makes (see photo’s above). In this interview she talks about her career switch to being a full artist and her paintings.

How did you became an artist? 

The love for art started pretty young. My mom encourages us to be creative; she was very creative in everything, like from making cake decoration to interior design. But first I’ve majored in music when I was young. Then I got married and got 3 children; when the kids got older I decided to do business and accounting. I worked in Chicago then and got back to school. When I moved to a ranch for fulltime, I focused on making art and then I switched my career to being a fulltime artist. So I never thought about selling my art until 2 decades ago :). 

Do you have an artist who inspires you?

I’ve been inspired by modern and more classical artists, like Claude Monet and Winslow Homer; because I like his scenes (what happens in the painting), but I also like the bright colors and anything that got a lot of energy to it.

What kind of paintings do you make? 

I make mostly oil paintings, but I also use watercolor and acrylic; to me it’s a good idea to play with different materials. I did also digital, but I prefer working with real materials and making real paintings. Because it’s more real to me and unique. I appreciate the power of the digital arts, but there are some things that are way faster that you can do with the organic materials and are also limited. But on the other hand, the digital materials are limited as well. I like using my hands, working with real materials and then create something.

Angela makes mostly paintings of birds that she sees flying or sitting on trees around her farm; but she makes other paintings as well from animals, trees and other things. To paint about the nature is what Angela loves to do! 

Which are your favorite paintings to make?

I did a lot of my children, those paintings feel very personal to me. I did commissions for others, like their children, their pets and that’s like a connection with the customer; so that feels more special to me. In the past I did commissions. Now I don’t always take them, it depends on my schedule. Sometimes I try to leave some room at the end of the year for people who wants to give a painting as a present for the holidays. I don’t offer them, but if people come to me it depends on what they want and if I have time for it.

What kind of style does your paintings have? 

I’m not sure what my style is called, but I think it’s like realism and impressionism and more contemporary art. Other people see it as fresh and loose, like the thick brush strokes you see on my paintings. That’s kind of my personality, it’s expressing my personality. I also try to express emotions in mine paintings. Like the birds paintings express a happy and peaceful feeling. 


Where does the inspiration comes from for the paintings? 

I try to do a lot of inputs all day and then paint for a few hours, come with ideas for a few hours. The inspiration comes from my every day live. I paint from what is see, if I saw a bird, I paint that bird that I like. Or paint something that inspired me during the day, like something in the kitchen, like beautiful fruit, or the cats were playing. So the inspiration comes from everything.  

What do you still want to achieve? 

I want to do make bigger paintings, now I only make smaller paintings. I also want to paint more scenes; that the birds telling a story and that there is more scenery, like mountains or oceans.

What for advice would you give to beginner artists?

Have as many experiences as you can! You can do la lot of learning online; you don’t have to do a university right away. But mainly I think it’s about a daily practice, get in touch with yourself, express yourself when you are working; so there is a combination between the left and the right brain. Practice your skills, try to always be connected to your painting; so that you really sharing your true self in your artwork. Then it’s just fun and it doesn’t matter how it turned out. You made something, so there is joy in that.

I'm really a fan of Angela her paintings, they are everywhere hanging in my house! If you want a beautiful painting like that, visit her website for more artistic fun! 

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